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5 Minute Friday | Identity

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I am constantly finding myself in a battle for identity. Am I a mother? Yes. A wife? I believe so. A daughter, sister, friend? Last time I checked. But my identity is more than those things. It defines me. One word. Christ. 

When I was a kid I learned about Jesus and I loved him. I didn’t need any favors or see my need of salvation, I just thought he was wonderful. When I grew up and I realized that I not only loved him, wanted him, but needed him I decided that giving myself over to him was a necessary and desirable action. But it wasn’t a one time deal. My identity is that I’m his. I’m not mine, I’ve been bought with a high price. I’m not Gabe’s. I’m not Raychel’s. I’m Jesus’. 

It’s waning and it’s fuzzy. I keep trying to take my life back from him and he doesn’t promise not to let me. But when I think about identity I think about the God who has made me his bride and the King whose slave I get to be. Daily. I have to decide this daily. 

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