I officially post more rough drafts than actual pieces. I could lie and pretend this trend is purposeful – I am letting you into my process, I am being super transparent, I am whatever and stuff, but actually that damn publish button is like a magnet or something and I keep hitting it on accident. 

So sorry to have filled your subject line with basically nonsense TWICE in like a week. I will try to publish an actual thing soon…. Be encouraged I am working on it and now you have proof?? Not that anyone is waiting for me to post anything because you people are aware that I am not a regular poster despite my mostly best efforts…. But I am a regular drafter so there’s that. 

ANYWAY! You all matter to me… I feel so grateful for my tiny space and for the people who visit it and actually read the stuff I make (like, really? ah, you are amazings!). Thanks for your patience and for not un-following me yet. :D 

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