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    Just to Touch the Ocean

    I sit with old mothers, watching the tide They curl fatherless children in their hips And watch the blurred horizon for ships Which left too long ago to remember Or for monsters or an angry wind They call their kids back from the dark I sit with my mother, all smile and tan At the beach where she felt most herself Where she played and collected her shells The crashing and churning don’t scare her Every bit of it named, can’t you tell? All known by a God who is light They run from the lines of white foam And they scream while they laugh Grab fistfuls of sand to…

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    Winter’s Song

    Winter comes in quiet, stage left, light focused elsewhere, and waits. She knows her line is coming, her nerves tumble around inside her She is a subtle addition to a lovely scene of oranges and browns and dark green As the players fall back after Autumn’s brilliant number, she moves on shaky feet When she steps into the spotlight everyone gasps – she is stunning Her homemade gown flings sequins in an orb around her as she finds her mark Standing now on solid feet, knees bent so she won’t faint, she listens for her cue Which is up to her: a break in silence whenever she senses we are…

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      He’s got this way of breathing Shallow, hallow, still. His fingers curl repeating Tight’ning, fighting will. His eyes are slowly closing Drift up, drift down, shut. His latch is loose and lazy Mouth set, forget – up. His forehead is now sweating Sleep’s cue, due for rest. My baby, he is napping And he fills his mother’s chest.