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So I always identified myself as a reader – because this was part of my identity growing up. I was the kid who always had a book, who got in trouble for consistently falling asleep with my glasses on, who preferred to hole up and read over almost anything else. I was never a particularly fast reader, but my comprehension always scored high – I guess ideas in the form of words have always been my thing.
Now I just don’t read much. And honestly, I hate that. So I’m trying to be intentional and build back that habit because I think it’s important and good and really, nothing beats a book. So I’m hoping that sharing here will keep me accountable to check these books off my “to read” list!
BUT! We are all about cutting out shame and not thinking we suck so I also accept that most of the media I consume comes in the form of Netflix or podcasts. And I watch some really good shows and listen to some really good podcasts.
So here is where I’ll share what I’m reading/watching/listening to. Just know that the books are taking me forrreeevveerr. If you’re a slow reader like me, you will be able to keep up. Promise.


51k5xuns2rl-_sx332_bo1204203200_So this book – holy crap! First of all, one of my friends and favorite writers gave this to me so I knew it would be good. I started it because of the rough year and because I’ve loved everything I’ve seen of Brene Brown since she came on the scene with her anti-shame, pro-vulnerability bullhorn. Literally within the first couple pages I was HOOKED and highlighting and instantly trying to implement new ways to be “wholehearted” in my marriage (it was awkward).


Ugh. So this is like the third time I’m watching this series. It is SO real and SO raw and SO life. If you haven’t watched it already, go find it because it’s amazing and you will have legitimate, need-to-process emotions over the most surprising moments because THAT IS LIFE.
OH MY WORD. Okay, this show has everything: brilliant writing (brilliant!), subtlety, outlandish shenanigans, real life captured poignantly, and a super duper cute baby!
70197057So this is something of a guilty pleasure, but hear me out: the wooorrrdddsss. This show – like every Shonda Rhimes production – is just packed-so-full of these powerful monologues and perfect articulations. It’s like word porn…. Also kind of just porn porn because Fitz can’t keep it in his pants. But I digress! It’s got some gratuitous sex and violence, but it’s also got some word bombs.


This is a podcast about life through the lenses of science, art, and faith hosted by Science Mike (whose book I reviewed here – spoiler: it was fab) and Michael Gungor of the band… Gungor. These guys get all existential up in this safe space and I love every damn second of it. Seriously, I would listen to a five hour episode. Words you will hear often: deconstruction | epistemological | spiritual journey | universe | Michael Gungor laughing at something Mike said that kind of blows his mind.
So if you’ve read any of his stuff, you already know that Malcolm Gladwell has a knack for seeing the stuff on the fringe. He looks at things we all look at everyday and notices what nobody else seems to notice. This podcast is a helluva lotta that. He re-examines often well-known stories (or stories related to well-known events) that make you totally question everything you thought you knew about everything. It’s great. Give it a listen.
I’ve been a faithful listener to this podcast for years. Like, Deblina and Sarah days. As the title suggests, the ladies who host this podcast share historic happenings they probably didn’t cover in Social Studies. They research thoroughly share their findings with engaging conversation and a genuine delight in history – a perfect listen during long drives and dishwashing!

For the Children

Oh yeah. I am also a mom. Here are some things I very much dig for my babies.
This is by far my favorite “children’s bible” out there. Tutu’s approach to the big story of the Bible is that God has a dream for his children and that we are all a part of restoring it. I mean, that’s theology I can get behind. The stories are simple and gorgeously illustrated by artists from around the world. It’s a wonderful book!
This podcast is ridiculous. My kids love it. Finn Caspian is an 8 year old boy aboard the Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station and he has all kinds of adventures. The stories are often based on literature, but really it’s just an absurdly fun and imaginative series that my kids will listen to on repeat ad nauseam – which I think is fantastic!

The Amazon links included are affiliate links. I’m not paid to promote them, but I figure there’s no harm in getting a kickback from Amazon for referring you! 🙂