A fundamentalist turned freedom chaser with an obnoxiously stubborn faith.

woman sitting on a wooden bench in a coral blazer and big smile

Okay, so…

My name is Krysann Joye and I write to re-member you to the things you already know are true.

And right now you’re here—there, rather—sitting at your computer or scrolling on your phone, taking a minute to yourself even though you have about 9,382,274 responsibilities and tasks and various other very grown up things. You might even be feeling a tad guilty about the time you’re spending not doing the other things and the fact that just before this you were reading about Taylor Swift’s latest feud instead of getting that recipe you opened your browser to find.

Sister. I am so glad you chose to spend a superfluous second with me.

Because I am over here—there, rather—in the middle of bath time with one or more of my four kids or trying to throw dinner together at 6:30 because I am terrible at planning meals or I’m reading Skippyjon Jones for the 1,394,283 time. Or I am wasting time on someone else’s instagram or googling some random aspect of the enneagram/whatever life-threatening ailment I am currently convinced I have. Also maybe I know everything there is to know about a YouTuber I had never even heard of until this morning but I am now deeply emotionally invested in their well-being.

And all of this beside, over, and underneath the losses that will never leave me, the healing I am annoyingly committed to, the cycles I’m trying to break, the gratitude I feel inadequate to express.

I don’t know how you got here, but I know that you, like me, carry your own griefs and private joys and fears about whether or not you’ve actually “got this” like your favorite mug reminds you. And I know that you are looking, as I am, for the Good Stuff.

So I’ve made this space for you to find room for stretching out and fresh air to breathe if you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic of the structures you were given.

A place to set your faith down where you can trust nobody’s going to try to take it from you or force you to pick it up again.

A map from what feels like not-enough and too-small to exactly right. Permission to see how your life is already making the world a better place.

Freedom to doubt and to trust; freedom from shame over either.

Courage when you need it to follow the call you hear from the dark. To not run from grief or wallow on the surface, but to dive in and find what joy might wait, what Presence might be there, what strength you might realize.

Rest beneath all the unrest of being human—being mom, friend, wife, daughter; being an activist, organizer, artist, teacher; being a member, a citizen, a part of a group; being essentially divine, imbued by God with wonder and beauty and grace and striving to remember it.

Everything I make is meant to help you do just that.

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