A fundamentalist turned freedom chaser with an obnoxiously stubborn faith.

So basically I am a person who needs permission and I have learned that a lot of people are like me.

Not for all things, not at all times, but the fact is that I just can’t see what I don’t see. I have no imagination for what has never been presented – even in part – to me as an option. 

Which I’m grateful for. This is a useful evolutionary tool, okay? This has kept our species alive for its entire existence. We didn’t try to hold fire until someone came up with the idea to put it on a stick (incidentally, many things are better on a stick… like hot dogs). 

Along the way I have gotten permission from all sorts of places. From friends with good advice, from my husband who sees the world vastly different than I do, from strangers living their lives out loud so the rest of us get to widen our gaze. I have also gotten the go-ahead from mystical experiences and from thoughts my brain worked on like knots until they finally untied. I’m telling you: all sorts of places.

So I decided to offer what I have needed – what I very often still need – to you. It’s my way to encourage you without getting to go to coffee with you. You will receive these little permission slips in your inbox with the kind of things you probably already know (because you’re wise), but need to be reminded of when you’re in it

I have designed them to be cute enough for you to print out as an actual permission slip to serve as a tangible reminder of what your spirit is capable of. You can also print out a few and give them away because the best thing to do with any freedom we attain is to spread it around!

I have put a lot of thought and love into these as a gift of gratitude for those who trust me with their e-mail addresses. It means a lot to me that you are up for walking this road with me so I hope with all my gusto that this offering brings you some of the Good Stuff!