A fundamentalist turned freedom chaser with an obnoxiously stubborn faith.

Hey there! If you’re seeing this page it’s because I wanted you to have these wallpapers I made for free!

For a long time I’ve thought of the word encourage as in courage. I am a words girl (you probably like words, too, if you’re here) and “words of encouragement” are important to me, both to get and to give. And when I offer someone encouragement I don’t want it to be a flat, “you’ve got this,” but something to compel them forward. To imbue courage—or stir it up where it’s settled to the bottom.

So I’ll add to these as I find words of courage to offer and you can choose one that reminds you of the truths you already know and read stuff like this to remember.

Great moms are the luckiest
A wallpaper for your phone to remind you that you’re already a Great Mom.