A fundamentalist turned freedom chaser with an obnoxiously stubborn faith.

My Favorite Story

This is my favorite story. The one where God seems to have left his people and the earth itself seems desperate for a solution and …
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We take slow steps over gravel between the limestone blocks that hedge us in, keep our path like silent docents, guiding us in winding rhythm …
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Joy is my middle name. Not happy. Not flippant. Not sparkling rays over perpetual blooms and grass that tastes like candy. Joy. Desperate and scrappy. …
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Not To Go Gentle

Today marks seven years since my mother died. Seven. There was a time I thought it impossible to get to one. Seven years without her …
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woman sleeping

From the Bottom

I’m writing this from the middle of it—somewhere close to the bottom, I hope—but I won’t publish until I’m at least far enough through that …
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A Visit for a Sip

I take a sip and I’m there with you in the tiny living room, in a quiet morning while the babies sleep. Before espresso and …
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