Well hey… I’m glad you stopped by. I’m in the middle of bath time with the babies or trying to throw together dinner because I am terrible at planning meals ahead or I’m reading Skippyjon Jones for the 1,394,283 time. So let’s our spirits take a break together, yes?

Do you like coffee? (I’ll forgive you if you don’t.) I make mine strong.

My little corner of the internet is small, I know, but it’s homey. At least I hope you feel at home here. I hope you find some friendship here, some of the good stuff that makes us feel know we aren’t alone. I’ll show you around here if you like – bring your mug.

So this is a little personal, a little messy, excuse the clutter. This is a little like walking into my living room on a Monday afternoon. This isn’t a Mommy Blog or a Christian Blog or a Homemaking Blog or a Nutritional Blog (ha!) or a Political Blog. This is just me with a cup of coffee and an iPad. I don’t have an axe to grind and I’m not selling anything, but I do so appreciate your attention to my heart – do so hope that yours feels safe here.

You might find contradictions – I’m finding that I contradict my younger self a lot so check the date. ;) I’m learning and growing and re-painting the walls frequently so bear with the fresh and scuffed up paint.

And yeah, there’s a little dust… I don’t write on a schedule (maybe someday) so it can be a bit sporadic here. But I’m around (writing hundreds of drafts that will never get published) so if you fancy conversation or want to leave a jot of your heart here please do. I love learning from fellow travelers.

Oh, and I can get mushygushycorny – like calling us travelers… in life… I’m a bit of a sentimentalist. ;)

So thanks for the company! Keep the mug and come back soon. <3

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