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A I-Shouldn’t-Be-Awake-Right-Now Vent

So there are a plethora of things “they” do not tell you about pregnancy. Not only will you find out on your own, but when you do you will be utterly freaked out because you are about 83% positive that it is abnormal and your baby is going to end up with some bizarre complication. 93% if said symptom is discovered in the middle of the night when you’re disoriented.

I won’t make a list, but to any of you non-pregnant ladies out there, feel free to ask when you do get your BFP (big fat positive – evidently there is a whole dictionary of acronyms just for pregnant women) and I will do my best to tell you all the things that are totally normal and never discussed. Of course, one of those things is the fact that you completely lose random portions of your memory so you’ll have to forgive me if I leave a lot out. 8-/

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