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*Folk Tale Disclaimer: These are simply the reasons we chose to do the things we do. We absolutely do not condemn any other parenting decisions as we fully respect that God put specific kids with specific parents and those parents are the only ones fully responsible for their children. These posts are merely meant to be a window into our lives for those who’d like to peer in and to offer some first hand knowledge for people researching these subjects themselves. 🙂 *

I have a lot of memories of a baby monitor gently filling the room with familiar lullabies while Beth and I picked up blocks and knick knacks and wiped counters down with a particular earth-friendly cleaner. The bottle it came in is still comforting to me. 🙂

This post is about Shaklee because I have a certain fondness for their products as a result of the aforementioned retrospect. I was first introduced to it in the Ball household as a kid-safe, “green” cleaning agent. I always thought that when we had kids I would want to switch to something safer than the seriously toxic chemicals I used on a daily basis. {Killing my own brain cells is one thing…}

So when we got pregnant with RJ the research began! I trusted Beth’s choice, but, as in all things, knew that I should look into all the options. It wasn’t really a hard decision to go with Shaklee. Their “secret ingredient” is plant-based (versus say, petroleum based) which is nice to know when you’re using it around developing organs. It’s also widely accepted (among people who can’t afford to accept something inferior like scientists and such) as a legitimately natural cleaner.

Their Basic-H cleaner is totally non-toxic. I love that when I’m done cleaning I smell… nothing. The dust is gone, the windows clear, the counters spotless and no one is the wiser. If I need to disinfect something I use the Basic-G which is still much safer than any other disinfectant, but meant to kill germs so you wouldn’t use it where your kids could ingest it (like their toys). It also has no smell or fumes.

Something really cool is that you buy both cleaners as concentrates and then measure them out for your task. The Basic-G is always the same because it’s an all-purpose disinfectant, but the Basic-H changes drastically with each ratio. They even sell nifty bottles with the portions printed on them. I have an all-purpose cleaner, a window cleaner and a degreaser all from the same bottle of Basic-H! And since such a little goes a long way that one bottle lasts me for a looooong time.
It’s important to me to have safe cleaners because I think that the amount of harsh chemicals we use today is just scary. We have no way of knowing the long-term effects of these toxins in the home on a daily basis. I’m not totally against mainstream cleaning supplies; I still use bleach when I need to do some heavy cleaning. And every now and then, if they are around for some reason, I’ll use Clorox wipes or Windex, but I no longer purchase them. RJ will be exposed to so many things in the air that I would shield her from if I could; I want to make our home a place to breathe easy for us all!
If it looks like it’s on a pedestal, it’s because I use
this for EVERYTHING. Shelves, floors,
baseboards, window sills, tables….

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