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Beautiful Boogies

A couple weeks ago Raychel fell out of her bed. I have no idea how, but I heard a loud thud followed by a delayed cry. Any mom knows this is one of THE worst sounds to hear. I rushed in and found her, confused and face down on the ground. She immediately reached her chubby little arms out in complete expectation that I would pick her up. I did, of course, and I could not do it fast enough. I wrapped my precious little girl into me and reassured her that she was okay and Momma was here while she sobbed hot, scared tears into my chest.
And for the last few days she’s been sick. Very sick. She has been a mess of phlegm and coughs and whiney confusion. She even reached my hippie fever ceiling and got some Tylenol. When I walk into her room in the morning or after a nap instead of her usual sudden rising, she lays there with outstretched arms and a pouty lip for me to pick her up. I hate seeing her so miserable. But you know what I love? I love cuddling with her. I love soothing her and telling her she is doing so well. I love the opportunity to fill this little girl up with reassurances and affection. We have spent a lot of time just sitting together and it has been good.
I am so honored to be her Mommy. {She calls me that sometimes now. Or “Momma.” Or just, “Mom.”} She knows she can depend on me. When she hurts herself she knows I’ll be there and when her body is turning against her she knows where to look for help. So.honored. I always knew I wanted to do this… But how could I have known how rewarding it would be to have a 19 month old rub snot on you for 3 days? ♥

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