To Start a Busy Day

It will be a busy day.
A day of work.
A full brim day.

And by the end I will be done.
(At the start of it, I’m done).

Today will be a busy day.
And I just had to stop to say.
That through the busy and the stress
Through the sorting and the mess
I am breathing in my Maker
Indulging as a selfish taker
All the love I can’t afford
All the peace I don’t deserve.

So let this busy day commence
Cause He is here in all the stress.
And though I may just lose my wits
I’ll never lose this love that sticks.

4 thoughts on “To Start a Busy Day

  1. Your are awesome!
    Publishing poetry.
    That takes guts, I think: the super-artsy expression of the heart. ‘Cause let’s face it, it is not much these days of social networking to publish your annoyance, your funny little anecdotal, your favorite recipes, or generic expressions of “I know I will get through it”.
    I loved this.


    • Thanks, Leah! I admit I didn’t share this one on facebook because, yeah, little more intimidating when there are (it seems) more “rules” to break… But hey.. I’m sure my prose would make literary experts cringe, too! Honest art doesn’t have to be pretty to be beautiful, yeah? :) Thanks for being a safe place!


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