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NaBloPoMo and Pyramid Schemes

Allllright so I was feeling ambitious? And I thought, “Yeah, I can do BOTH NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo! WRITE ALL THE THINGS!”
No, no. I can’t.
But I am here at a coffee shop trying to focus on the NaNo, but finding it impossible because developing next to me is clearly a pyramid scheme sort of sales pitch. I only know because I have heard somany. So many. So so so many.
Though by the sounds of it, there could be prostitution involved.
I’ll give you a couple telltale phrases so you, too, can spot a scheme:
1. “What we like to do here is just, you know, get to know people…” – this will precede some sort of dream-share in which the target is encouraged to talk about their wildest material dreams.
2. “So and So Famous Rich Person gives all this money to charity…” – which is to put a philanthropic spin on all the riches you are about to have so you don’t feel dirty talking about money.
3. “Do you think you could stand to take six vacations a year?” – this will include chuckles.
Do you see why it was hard to focus? I was dreaming of my private island and all the money I was going to give to starving children.
SO I had to get this out. And maybe I’ll get something out every day. And thereby sort of accidentally-ish do NaBloPoMo, but as it stands I am officially announcing that I’m not a true participant. Even though I never even posted for it in the first place and could have left you thinking nothing at all about my usual lack of publishing.
Now I just need to figure out how to get off the blogroll.
Happy writing, writers! And stay away from pyramid schemes!

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