Poetry,  Self Healing

Lost & Found

She waits at the bottom, tossed down with the fury of surprise.

With the demons and the boogeymen.

She doesn’t know if she’ll get out, but she hopes because hope is wise.

And she is wisdom.

When you crack the lid a bit, to peer down into the darkness

There she is.

With a candle she didn’t have to light for it to burn, and she smiles

A tempered wish

“There you are. I thought you’d forgotten.” And it breaks your heart

It breaks her open.

She climbs into your lap for comfort, you feel unworthy to soothe her

She doesn’t care.

She needs you. Her tears like keys unlock the friendship she has missed.

You apologize

She forgives.

She doesn’t need to punish you. She just wanted you home to begin with.

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