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Bite your tongue, Media. Bite your flapping tongue.

I wrote this a while ago. I was so upset. Gabe read it and agreed… the media just goes too stinking far to provide a story. Not all news is neccessary news.

If you watch the news, you probably know that 3 US soldiers went missing in Iraq. You probably have heard that a body was turned in by the Iraqi Police and that it is speculated to be the body of one of those soldiers. If you watch the news you may also know that he was shot in the head and chest, he has a tattoo on his hand, and that he appears to have been tortured.

If you watch the news, you have more than likely noticed the quiet attitude the Army has taken about the whole thing. Out of respect for the family (and their right to find out his identity first) the military has decided not to let the public know any details. How did the news media find out about those details? Their “insiders.” Oh it makes me furious! Somewhere in this country is a wife or a mother or a sibling or a child watching the news at the edge of their seat because their soldier is missing and they want to be assured he’s ok. They are watching, Fox news! They are watching you! They probably have you on their TV at all hours becuase they haven’t heard from their guy and they may have been told he’s missing. If the Army wants to wait and see if the body belongs to a US soldier (thats right, they don’t even know if he’s an American) than shouldn’t you keep your “exclusive” to yourself for a few days?!?

The media needs to learn when to shut the heck up! They’re so focused on selling, on ratings, on having the latest “here-only” news and its crossing lines, in my opinion. t rvfdorenjvmc.! I pray that the families of those 3 soldiers are watching news stations that, unlike Fox (thats where I heard this), have respect for our troops. Though with all the doom and gloom out there, I sort of doubt there are any better…

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