20 Lessons My Dog Taught Me

1. Sacrificing time with the ones you love is almost never worth it.
2. When life hands you garbage, spread it around your living room.
3. Love is completely unconditional (and affection is key).
4. Age is just a number…
5. A very sneaky number.
6. A penny saved will go to the Vet.
7. Things are never really as bad as they seem.
8. Bedtime is negotiable.
9. Being hungry makes you appreciate food… and want to eat tennis balls.
10. Some people are just not worth it.
11. Most people are worth more than you think.
12. Any place is a good place to sleep.
13. Sometimes the biggest comfort you can give someone is to be a shoulder to cry on.
14. Being selfless means you’ll never be fully appreciated, but you’ll be content always.
15. Fur is way more convenient than clothing.
16. Vacuums are scary.
17. Sometimes feigning ignorance gets you what you want. Other times it gets you in trouble.
18. Compliments (and treats) should never be turned down.
19. If you feel sad it’s ok to look sad.
20. The past should stay there.

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