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Grr! ;)

Earlier today I saw this on facebook:

My apologies: I don’t normally post photos without credit (or that aren’t copyrighted to me, for that matter),
but I don’t know where this came from. It was just on facebook. If you know the owner, let me know so I can
credit him. 🙂 

I have written here before on beauty and body image and this picture struck such a chord with me. As the mother of a daughter I feel a dense responsibility to combat the lies and distortions that war outside our little bubble of a home. I feel on the defense; armed and angry at the prospect of my sweet girl’s innocence being shot with a million poisoned arrows of some stranger’s vague preference. 

And these “preferences” are distortions. We can see this as shallowly as the ladies’ poses above. The Victoria’s Secret women are twisting their bodies in flattering poses, well aware of every inch of their position – make no mistake that their elbows are precisely where they want them to be and their pinky toes are doing just what they want. The women in the Dove photo are still posing, but are much less concerned with their position. I don’t know the context of either of these photos (or if they are even actual photos), but I know that the one in which the women are bending to our culture’s demands would be considered more beautiful by the vast majority of this society. 
And maybe that is the heart of our issue. We are worshipping the opinion of Them. This culture has become a god unto itself. The way it makes women feel about their bodies is only one very small byproduct of it’s disturbing core. There is a latent fear of rejection from Them. A subtle, heavy chain clinking as we shuffle through life hoping to be patted on the head by our master. 
Not in this home. 
Not only will I do all I can to reinforce that true beauty comes from a gentle, loving heart, but in our home Christ is King. And His chains set us free from bondage. In this home we do not measure worth by pant sizes. We do not look to a mirror for our standing before our God. Nor do we take comfort in our bank account or our the things by which we are surrounded. In this home we serve a King worth serving. A proven warrior, a steadfast love, a humble ruler. In this home we fight behind our King the ever-beckoning Them. We push back against the offensive onslaught of the status quo.  

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