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In Need of Help!

My friend and I are starting a new blog for moms anywhere not he spectrum of “crunchy.” We want to foster our local community, share our hearts and be a place for Mommas to find encouragement and have fun!
I will be changing this blog up as it is much more a “processing life in general” blog than a mom blog or a granola blog or an anything specific blog!
So please help us pick a name by commenting with your favorite (or any ideas!). I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we start our journey!
Thank you!


2 responses to “In Need of Help!”

  1. leah Avatar

    I love your blog bi-line you got gonin on!
    How about “Keep It Basic, Mom”
    “The Village Mother”
    My husband and I are really jumping in with both feet {and lots a tax return money} as we are trying to get completely natural and clean in our eating and practices, so I need a crunchy Mama community.
    Good luck

    1. Krysann Joye Avatar

      Oooo thanks, Leah!! I love your line of thinking! And boy do I hope you join in! We’ll be needing guest contributors!!

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