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Um, Your Kingdom is Showing…

light bearing
And then there’s this.
We see so much bad news – kidnappings, murders, deceitful business, crazy Sochi hotels – that sometimes we forget to look for the good.
Dove is a multi-million dollar company. They are Big Business. And yet, they have heart. Imagine that! And something good that they did is spreading…

{the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed}

The Kingdom doesn’t fit in a pigeon hole. You can’t wrap it up and present it as a How-To. It’s more nebulous than that, more porous, more… alive.
So look at that. Dove Beauty and Jesus. All hanging out and holding hands.
And Dove’s embrace of a little Light is evidently contagious.

{the kingdom of heaven is like leaven}

Jesus gives us this impression of a Kingdom sneaking in… vapors rising… taking over behind the scenes. He makes us think about that mysterious ingredient you add to dough to bring the magic. The tiny speck that takes root and becomes a stubborn source of life, invading and shadowing the garden. Jesus paints a picture of a Kingdom starting beneath – ruled by servants, elevating peasants.
And it starts with things like this. It starts with men and women trading back their lies for truth. Looking at the world around them and seeing that people are immensely important and that a body is a part of a person, not a selfish fantasy.
It’s not perfect, but boy is it uncovering holy.

2 responses to “Um, Your Kingdom is Showing…”

  1. leah Avatar

    I love your words here…”the Kingdom sneaking in…vapors rising…” “a tiny speck that takes root to stubborn source of life” & “a Kingdom starting beneath, ruled by servants, elevating peasants” awesome word pictures that will captured my imagination. And I made my 7, 10, and 12 year old daughters watch the link you gave, in particular that photoshopped music video sang by the Hungarian pop star (it was a little further down after the dove article if you did not catch it). I distinctively remember flipping through “Seventeen” and “YM” magazines and crying afterwards in middle school and high school. Thanks for the share and the words.

    1. Krysann Joye Avatar

      Thank you so much Leah! I did watch the video – man oh man. And gosh, I remember feeling the same way growing up looking at those magazines. I HATE that little girls who would never think to care about the shape of their bodies or dislike any part of them. Ugh. It’s maddening.

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