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To You: The One Reading This From Your Inbox

So… thanks. Like, really, thank you. I’m always a little surprised when I get a notification that someone is following this blog because…. where do you blessed people come from?
Maybe this is weird. Sorry. Thanks anyway. Take my awkward gesture of love, please. You can always throw it out when I leave.
It gets a little messy over here sometimes. And a little heavy…. Okay, a lot heavy. And sometimes I get sentimental because children come with hormones and I already had a suitcase of nostalgia before they got here. And you have probably seen more of my heart than you really volunteered to see, right?
Like when you bump into an old acquaintance and ask how they’ve been and you get like, “I’m getting a divorce and have spiraled into a depression, how are you?” and you feel a little out of place so you just smile and nod.
Thanks for smiling and nodding, friends.
I write for many reasons, but I blog for you. Because I’m hoping you get that you’re not alone in this. Or gain something from my ever-changing, super-skewed perspective. Even if it’s affirming your polar viewpoint – I’m glad to help!
{And also because nothing dies on the internet so when I’m old and lose my memory (which I feel is inevitable because it’s barely hanging on now) I can read what I thought I knew and didn’t know. Maybe get a laugh.}
So thank you for following along. Thanks for putting up with changes, reading things you probably didn’t agree with at all, not clicking unfollow, and just being there. If I could send you a box of donuts I would because in my opinion, love speaks loudest covered in obscene amounts of sugar passing as breakfast.
Or I would hug you. Because it means a lot, okay? Every “follow” – from a loved one, a stranger, or as a marketing ploy – makes me feel just… grateful. So thanks.
Oh! And please know that I love to *discuss* so if you ever want to chime in, you’re a very welcome voice. And! And! If you are also sharing your heart online (us crazies) and I’m not following it yet, post a link in the comments!

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