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Five Minute Friday 5 Minute Fridays are this thing I do with a bunch of other women over at www.lisajobaker.com where we write for 5 minutes straight with little to no editing and no overthinking. It’s a chance to do some mental yoga and practice writing from the heart without caring too much about how it turns out. Please join in!!


I want another baby. We both do, actually. So the negative pregnancy tests kind of suck. I enjoyed pregnancy and birth (well, birth in retrospect only) and I thoroughly enjoy having RJ here. I waited a long time to be able to conceive again and now that it’s here I have to wait some more.

I thought that we could never open our home up and be constantly surrounded by people. I’m somewhat of an introvert and it actually, legitimately scared me to think of an open door. But now we are here and God has used my uncomfortable compromise to enrich our lives more than I can express.

Sometimes I have to wait. I have to let my patience be tried and give up my idea of a perfect life. Because if I’m not content with where I am now, with what we have, with who we know, I won’t be content if my ideal is achieved.



  • Danielle

    I'll be praying for a positive pregnancy test! So hard to wait! God's been speaking the same truth about contentment to me, that if I always wait for the next thing, I'll never be fulfilled. Contentment, like you said, is only found in the here and now. So great to have "met" you here. I can definitely relate to being a half-hearted hippie!

  • Krysann Joye

    Thank you so much, Danielle!! For reading, for encouraging and for sharing. I so wish I could live in that space of knowing that it is all good and right and purposeful and if none of those things, overseen by a loving God who will make things good and right and purposeful. I can get so caught up in the future that I jeopardize the present.And it's good to "meet" you as well!

  • Lynden Blossom

    Hello – Am popping in here from Lisa-Jo's – I appreciated your post… We waited 10 long years…finally were able to adopt my daughter…then three more and I finally gave birth to my son (thanks to LOTS of medical miracles!) – so I understand a bit of what the 'anticipation' is all about… 8-/ Always better in hindsight… Just enjoy each moment and be thankful you have a loving husband and daughter… Children grow up soooo fast and it's not always as you'd thought it would be ahead of time… ;-}Blessings -Lynden http://aneleganttouch-lynden.blogspot.comhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/An-Elegant-Touch-/162889457132788

  • Krysann Joye

    Thank you so much. You're right. I need to just enjoy this short time with my daughter while she is the only one. She is truly a joy and I would regret not cherishing and stewarding well this unique time with her! And that is so awesome about your little ones! We hope to adopt as well so I love hearing stories about children finding forever homes!

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