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I Will Not Serve a God

I will not serve a God of vengeance
For whom justice burrows path
For one day justice turns on me
And my submission bows to wrath

I will not serve a God of joy
Promises of pleasures boast
For full of joy my gut will burn
And sick I’ll be of champagne toasts

I will not serve a God of wealth
Who might deliver fortunes, still
My desires can’t be numbered
And power binds a slave to kill

I will not serve a God of nations
Of tradition, God of tribe
I’d keep rules and build tall fences
And break sacred human ties

But I will serve a God of Love
Whose heart is here among us
Whose borders, ever open
Invite the faithful and forgotten

I will follow Love past lines
Deep in the wilderness
And dance around great fires
Sisters built in holy rest

I’ll join Love’s song recalling
The story of our birth
And lean on brother’s harmonies
We together find our worth

And we will call out loud with Love
To our people not yet free
“You are welcome by our fires!
Come sing and dance with Me!”

Love’s wild ones know darkness
We agree we’ll never hide
Instead we’ll borrow courage
From each other’s hands held tight

Love gathers close and solemn,
One stern command to learn:
“We will wait for all to join us.”
For that’s the God I serve.

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  1. Tina Avatar

    Oh, I thought I was the only blogger who randomly throws poetry on her blog! It is refreshing! Thank you!

  2. […] art of discovering what you believe.” (Gustave Flaubert). I’ve learned that I believe most confidently in love, that I cannot separate love from freedom, and that I want freedom for myself and for everyone […]

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