A fundamentalist turned freedom chaser with an obnoxiously stubborn faith.

An Attempt

It will not stop a war now, but I’m gonna love my kid
I’ll tell her every day that she’s got the things we need
So she’ll believe the truest thing I know
If I have any say
(That power flexes big and tall,
but hope and beauty strike it)

It will not jam the guns up, but I’m gonna kiss my man
Let our limbs wrap all around for to do what arms are made
Worship the Imago Dei, not burst it into shrapnel
If I have any sway
We’ll hold each other when we’re scared
and make ourselves more whole

It will not soothe a leader’s greed, but I’m gonna laugh with friends
We’ll tell each other what we want without an expectation
Won’t move nations at our silly whims, but we can shift the mountains
We know what to say
In the landscapes of each other’s lives
where abundance doesn’t scare us

And fine, it may not work, I know
The killing won’t stop yet
And maybe it never will, I guess
But it could, right?
And the only way I’ll know is if I try it.

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