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Narnia Nursery

So when Mom saw the glider she (and Gabe) banned me from buying anything else off the registry until after the shower in May (which I am stoked for – can’t wait to go baby shopping!). Instead I will focus on the decorations. Our theme is Narnia after the books Gabe and I grew up loving with the Message of God’s love that we live by. So we took a trip to Michael’s to get our first batch of decorations.

The really cool part was that as we began looking at things Gabe got increasingly excited and surprised us both by picking out things and offering ideas – he was as much, if not more, into the whole thing as I was! :o) So as we begin to set up the room our little one will come home to I am excited that it will be a labor of love from both of his (or her) parents. 

The butterflies were Gabe’s idea – they’ll go around the room. Since we can’t really do nymphs or dryads, these will do the trick. 

We loved these bird candle holders!  

Eggs for the candle holders. I think we’ll try decorating them, but I’m not sure how. 

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