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5 Minute Fridays | Small

Can I just smell you in? Can I just feel your cheek against mine and the warmth of your breathe on my neck? Can I hold you tight and breathe in the smell of your hair, salty and a little matted from a long night’s rest?
You are so beautiful… You are so precious and unique and the way your eyes move under your eyelids is mesmerizing. I am caught up in your you-ness, dear ones. And I wonder, can I keep you here a little while? Can you snuggle with me and make your noises, ask your questions, give your spontaneous hugs and kisses for a while longer?
Because soon you will be too big for me to pull into my chest with one arm. Soon you will outgrow the million little kisses you enjoy so much while you’re laying with your brother on the floor. Soon I will be kissing you and holding onto your head just a little too long while you are trying to get somewhere. Soon the smell of your hair will include products and dyes and you won’t let me linger there for hours while you watch Pocahontas and sway your arms to the songs. Soon you won’t be waking up from naps to find me.
Soon you will be big.
Five Minute Fridays is a superfly thing that Lisa Jo does. Join in!


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