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20131028-115729.jpgWe got a minivan. I tried to resist it because… I don’t know… I think I’m a hip 20-something? {Not sure which I think is hipper: falling asleep watching The Office with Gabe or taking a few extra minutes in the shower and calling it a vacation} But I’m two kids in now and we are hoping (praying) to acquire more by various means in the near future so having one tiny car was not going to cut it anymore. That car is for 20-somethings. You can fit lots of hipsters in it, but 2 car seats is reeeally pushing it.
So we searched and asked God to provide a vehicle to meet the needs He’s giving us and wouldn’t you know it, a dorky wonderful red Dodge Caravan with Stow-n-Go seats and climate control {CLIMATE CONTROL, PEOPLE!} showed up on craigslist for less than we’d budgeted. And the man selling it had been praying, too. So now I am driving Bessie and ohmygosh I love her.
I give in. I get it. My new ride has an unfixable dent in the side and the door kinda sticks and some of the plastic inside pops out of place so I have to pop it back in when I notice it, but it is such a huge gift – an answer to prayer and a means to keep doing this thing we love doing (adding to our family!). And when we pack that baby up with 7 people (mostly adults) with strollers and wagons and nobody feels cramped I feel like we are living the dream. Because we are. <3

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