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Five Minute Friday: See

RJ's First Birthday
I don’t want to miss this.
This is the dinner-slapped-together time. The getting-to-bed-too-late time. The change-his-outfit-again time.
This is the period we will look back on with smiles and remember with joy. Her smell, the way his nose crinkles when he smiles, her messy knot of hair in the back.
These are the days I want to tell their future selves about. The days they won’t remember, but the days they’ll want to hear.
These are the days I am tired. The days I feel done. The days I wonder what I was thinking yesterday when I thought I had this. These are the days I run into the bathroom to scream into a towel.
These are the days I love. The days when her hugs come easy and spontaneously – when God whispers to her, “Go to Momma” and she gives me an I love you, Mommy just when I need it. These are the days I get to be his whole world. These are the days I am planting seeds that I will be tending for years to come.
I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want the messy house or the laundry or the busy schedule or the bumbled feelings ever fog my view. Because from where I sit, these are the best days so far. All I have to do is look.
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3 responses to “Five Minute Friday: See”

  1. jackie Avatar

    Hello there, this is Jackie Collins from http://www.gr8tfulldazeez.blogspot.com just popping over to visit, after linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday. I love your post! My daughter is now 37 years old, and I still feel those emotions each time I am surprised at how smart, beautiful and talented she is. Enjoy these years and savor each moment, as you have said in your post “these are the best days”. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Beth Avatar

    those ARE great days!! cherish them! i enjoyed stopping by!

  3. leah Avatar

    Great post. Yes, the more draining it is, the more precious it is, it seems. You have such a rare perspective for being such a young Mama to enjoy it for what it is now, all the while being honest about the “screaming into the towel in the bathroom” moments.

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