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KonMari-ing Trauma

Thank you for the wrecking, the undoing, tears and rips
And the way that you committed to your most savage whims
Thanks so much for craving the unmarked skin on me
And leaving me with scars to keep and throb in memory

Thank you for the lessons in betrayal of myself
And teaching me to grovel, beg, forget to ask for help
I appreciate your tolerance as I clung to remnants of my worth
Your patience til the shame was set and you knew it would endure

Thank you for the questions I never thought to ask
And the gentle way you coated them with answers made of wax
Thank you for the panic and the doubt that settled in
Without them I may have never found the place where I begin

Thanks for being strong—as strong as you could be
And for all the weakness you exploited well in me

And now that I have thanked you, I release you to the Source
And I will sit here thankful while she settles the score.

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