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Baby Berry 2's Baby Sprinkle

_DSC7606_2So, I kind of have the best friends. Sorry. Yours are probably cool, too.
A few of them {Tessa, Krista & Hannah} got their sweet and thoughtful heads together and came up with the PERFECT baby shower for Baby Berry and I. Seriously. Perfect. With little touches that made you say, “Awwww” {unless your clothespin said you weren’t allowed to} and unique games that brought wide smiles and tons of giggles.
And then some of the loveliest ladies showed up with joy and excitement for this little love. They told birth stories, laughed at the word “sperm” {which I feel was used unusually often}, and just overall relished in this womanly rite of passage. I love having sisters who love being sisters. We get to enjoy being girls together and rejoice in each others’ blessings. {When stuff hurts, we get to share that, too so it doesn’t hurt as bad… Or we at least feel less alone.}
I spent most of the time just enjoying the wonderfully fun party that these beautiful ladies threw, but I did manage to snap a few photos!

Krista made this!! Isn’t she talented?

Tish once again dazzled us with her baking skills. Gorgeous AND yummy!

Hannah made the stand out of a cereal box. Clever, clever.

Baby Sprinkle!

Yes they did.

I am SO bummed I didn’t get a better photo of the favors! Hannah sewed burlap bags for ready-to-plant herbs and flowers!


Tessa’s handiwork! I feel so supported in my breastfeeding choice. hehehe

Gorgeous flowers everywhere thanks to Tessa!

_DSC7588_2 _DSC7601_2 _DSC7599_2 _DSC7603_2 _DSC7593_2 _DSC7591_2 _DSC7585_2 _DSC7584_2

And here are Krista’s photos – so glad she got them!!

There they are! gorgeous, gorgeous!

It’s always nice when your friends take photos of you eating. 😛

Sara’s clothespin said, “Can’t cross your legs” I was very impressed! That would have been tough!

You had to get safety pins out of a bowl of rice. It is much harder than it looks!!

My mom’s turn at “Pin the Egg on the Sperm”

Yep, they made me drive home like this. haha

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  1. leah Avatar

    Looks like an awesome baby shower. Makes me wish I had a pregnant friend so I could copy these ideas.

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