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Remember This

Remember this.

Remember when you couldn’t speak because the God of the Universe was holding you. When it hit you like a train that He loves you. When your prayers were answered in a conversation that started out annoying. When you lost your ground and couldn’t deny that a God who steps into time and space to reconcile an injustice done to HIM is the God who loves His creation like a Daddy.

For we can call Him Abba, Father. Remember how amazing that was to you. How the thought left your cheeks stained in salt. How a Daddy loves without failing, how He is quick to forgive and has done all the work.
Remember the relief. The joy.

Remember that all you could do was laugh. Because God is near and His salvation brought you joy. Deep and overflowing. How your open mouth tasted grateful tears and you felt a burden you didn’t want to shake off.
Cling to Him. Cling to this God you know is true. Cling to the encounter and the clarity. Cling to everything about HIM. GOD.

Remember that Jesus is God and that changes everything.

God isn’t distant.

God isn’t “the angry one” being held off by His Son.

God isn’t waiting to punish you.

God is washing people’s feet. Remember how that kind of humility made you weep?

God is healing the sick and showing mercy to whores.

God is rebuking gently, with compassion for the orphans hurting orphans.

God is angry at the people causing His children to doubt who He is or keep the Gentiles away.

God is greeting with a kiss.

God is calling us family.

God is using His dying breathes to tell James to take care of Mary.

God is hanging on a cross.

Remember that.

God is hanging on a cross to pay a blood-guilt earned by Adam who gave it to us because this God loves us.

And remember that God defeated death. HE DEFEATED DEATH!!!!

Remember the JOY!

Remember that GOD IS VICTORIOUS!!! His plan worked! 

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